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Therapeutic Riding with a Holistic Approach
Personalized Therapeutic Riding programs

At Horsepower Therapeutic Riding we believe that the right approach to therapeutic riding is holistic; with a specific goal in mind. Every rider goes through a complete evaluation process, which includes setting a mutual rider-instructor goal. Based on the evaluation's results and goals, a structured, personalized program is built and applied, intermediary steps are being followed, and adjustments are being made along the way.

My name is Marjolein Asher and I am a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor and Western Riding Instructor.

I was born in the Netherlands and lived there until 19, before moving to Israel were I lived for many years. Recently, I have moved to California, where I now live, with my husband and three children. I have been around horses since early childhood and actively riding since the age of 10. As a child and young adult, I rode and competed, mainly in dressage and show jumping.

I am a Certified Western Riding and Therapeutic Riding Instructor, with certification from the Israeli Zinman Institute of Sports Education, at the Wingate College. I completed an extensive three-year program and a lengthy internship, in both physical and behavioral treatments. 

My primary interest is Therapeutic Riding, with a focus on integrating riding instruction and therapeutic strategies, catering to the mentally and physically challenged.

I have found that there are huge benefits achieved through integrated riding therapy for children and adults, with different behavioral and concentration deficiencies, such as ADD, ADHD, and other, as well as improving communication skills in the autistic spectrum.

Through my unique approach, I am able to create meaningful improvements in the daily lives of the riders, rather than just teaching horse riding skills. Over the years, I have managed to make significant changes in many people's lives.

Harness the power of the horse to make a change in your life or the lives of your loved ones.

Come and join me at the SERT program in Moorpark, CA. Call or mail for more information.